Alexander Franks

Artist + Illustrator

Alexander’s love of drawing and traditional print techniques, like etching, has been present long as he can remember, and has only grown since finishing a Fine Art degree. Generally concerned with darkly comic themes and the grotesque, he is currently interested in the relationship between reality and dreams. The paradox of each being present in Alex’s current work, harking back to the ideals of classic Gothic grotesque painters like Beksinski.

While he likes to disturb people and their perceptions, there is a something beautiful to Alexander about this symbiotic relationship. Dreams are the results of the real events of the day, while our reality is certainly the product of dreams. Feeding off each other as they do, equally divine and satanic, mundane and absurd, how can you tell them apart? It is on that blurred line where Alex’s work sits, hopefully giving pause to any who view it; whether in a light-hearted manner, something sinister, or perhaps even some metamorphosis of the two.


View some of the latest illustrations

Mandalla - Monk Wizards 2020 by Alexander Franks

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